Services - Organizational Surveys and Performance Management

Example Projects

  • Developed and conducted a survey of store preferences to inform career development decisions and understand demographic differences
  • Created custom 360-degree surveys for a large government organization
  • Designed, administered, and analyzed large-scale paper-and-pencil and online surveys (N > 10,000)
  • Assisted in the creation of a program and employee development manual for selection, career development, job rotation, and promotion in a government agency
  • Created online surveys for virtual online focus groups and job analysis data collection
  • Conducted job analysis survey of 500 management and hourly employees in a home linens retail store chain
  • Conducted research and provided expert opinion in a copyright court case relating to opinion surveys, including reviewing the literature on the issues in the case, collecting and analyzing information on similar surveys to that in the case, analyzing the issues the case, providing conclusions, and writing a report