Services - Personnel Selection and Litigation Support

Example Projects

  • Conducted adverse impact analyses of employment testing and assessment exercises on an on-going basis for a large federal agency
  • Conducted a historical adverse impact analysis of all the hiring procedures for the lat 30 years for a large government organization
  • Revised cutting scores and bands, and analyzed adverse impact for multiple selection procedures for a set of hourly jobs in retail with 700,000 yearly applicants
  • Conducted analyses and advised on adverse impact issues in preparation for an OFCCP audit in a large shipping company
  • Conducted a scientific and legal defensibility review and suggested improvements to the executive assessment processes used in a large shipping company
  • Reanalyzed criterion-related validation data for a service manager selection system in a large shipping company
  • Content and factor analyzed survey items for litigation support in a case involving copyright infringement of survey item content
  • Performed a variety of statistical procedures to support clients (plaintiff and defendant) for litigation of cases involving age and gender bias in hiring, wrongful termination of protected classes, and negligent hiring
  • Conducted research and provided expert opinion in a copyright court case relating to opinion surveys, including reviewing the literature on the issues in the case, collecting and analyzing information on similar surveys to that in the case, analyzing the issues the case, providing conclusions, and writing a report
  • Performed statistical analyses to assess disparate treatment and disparate impact cases in a variety of public and private sector organizations