Example Project: International Job Analysis and Assessment Development

A U.S. Government organization with offices in nearly every country around the world needed to update their job analysis for five core and eighteen specialty jobs. We started by conducting a literature search on current job analysis research and best practices. We then examined the organization's past job analysis and conducted focus groups to revise and update and develop new task and KSAO statements. We also partnered with training and other offices to ensure the data collected could be used in many ways. We hosted the job analysis surveys on our web servers and collected data from over 9,000 employees between the various jobs.

We analyzed the data and created interactive databases that could be sorted and filtered by position, pay grade, location, and other factors to allow users to review the data in many ways (e.g. to see if the same job in different parts of the world requires additional tasks, to see what skills need to be attained before promotion to the next grade). Finally, we used the data extensively in creating new assessments for the jobs including job knowledge tests, situational judgment tests, hypothetical and past behavior interviews, biodata, and work simulations.