Example Project: Custom Assessment Development

We worked with two different divisions of a large organization to create custom high-fidelity assessments. The organization had been recently litigated and was particularly sensitive to adverse impact considerations.

First, we worked with a new division of the organization to create assessments for new jobs. We started with a future-oriented job analysis, including examining the technology the new employees would use. We then built structured interviews and high-fidelity job simulations modeling the technology for nine different positions. As we built multiple assessments for each job, we constructed a scoring center for HR personnel which guided decision making for the multiple-hurdle approach, including dynamic norms and color-coded banding for ease of use. As part of a predictive validity study, we followed performance of new hires and found validity coefficients ranging from mid-.20's to the mid- .60's (uncorrected). So far, about 15,000 candidates have tested and the assessments have been hosted by our personnel.

We then took on the task of revising the hiring of hourly employees company-wide (in excess of 700,000/year). We developed a test blueprint from job analysis data and proposed a three-pronged approach to assessing candidates: personality focused on customer service, situational judgment, and work simulations. We content validated each instrument and conducted a 4,000 employee concurrent validation study. We then refined the instruments and create parallel forms of each assessment for use.