Services - Job Analysis

Example Projects

  • Created a universal competency model to account for job requirements of over 400 positions, in order to develop an assessment framework
  • Conducted a future-oriented job analysis to plan staffing needs during a large-scale corporate restructuring, and later followed up with a job analysis once personnel were in the new roles
  • Conducted a follow up job analysis of a large government agency, including building in research to understand how jobs change and incumbents' perceptions of changing work
  • Developed content and web portal for collecting job analysis data from over 6,000 governmental employees in embassies around the world
  • Developed a user-friendly computerized job analysis database to easily access job analysis information for staffing officers to make HR decisions and employees to better understand different roles for career planning purposes
  • Created a large-scale online job analysis questionnaire for a large government law enforcement agency
  • Led focus groups and conducted interviews to create competency models for several jobs across a variety of organizations
  • Created detailed job descriptions and specifications for corporate and government clients based off of job analysis data