Services - Assessment Design & Validation

Example Projects

  • Created organization-specific work styles and situational judgment assessments, developed and coded the online platform, and performed content and criterion-related validity studies
  • Created high-fidelity computer-based work simulations across a number of jobs, and followed up with psychometric and predictive criterion validation studies of the tools
  • Developed assessment centers (including group exercises, role-plays, structured interviews, case exercises, writing exercises, and in-baskets) for 20+ jobs across two large government agencies to assess thousands of candidates per year
  • Designed and content validated structured interviews for selection and promotion of U.S. government officials for international positions
  • Completed a concurrent validation study of multiple assessments in teamwork settings at a mid-sized steel mill
  • Performed linkage analyses for content validation of assessment dimensions to job requirements for a mid-sized governmental agency
  • Developed custom assessments for a large government agency and a large manufacturing organization as well as advising on the use of off-the-shelf tests
  • Created a custom personality test including item bank construction and item analysis for entry-level hiring with 40,000+ administrations expected per year
  • Created decision-making and budgetary managerial assessments for promotion of personnel for a large governmental agency